Would you get in the octagon with Ronda Rousey?Yes, for $100,000
Yes, for $1,000,000
No way!
Yes, but only for 14 seconds. No money.
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Talking sports each week with:
Danny Cunningham
He is the Sports director of the NEO Community radio and co-host of the D&E Sportline show on NEO.
Also sports writer for  Burning River Baseball.
Recorded live on 7/28/15 on the All Radio X network. First up is Danny Cunningham with sports. Topics include MLB HOF inductees and the MLB trade deadline deals and rumors. The we shift to the NFL. With training camp starting we talk about the hot stories and the Tom Brady suspension. The featured guest is the band SKIES out of the UK. We talk in depth about the inspiration and stories behind there music. Finally we cap off the show with a classic interview replay with actor Dwier Brown of the movie Field of Dreams.

Recorded live on 8/11/15 on the All Radio X network. First up is Danny Cunningham with sports. Topics include: Would you get in a ring with Ronda Rousey? NFL HOF inductees and news in training camps. We talk about the MLB playoff push. The featured guest is author and Therapuetic counselor, specializing in Trans-personal therapy, Marion Baker. We discuss her opinions and perspective on relationships. Does Marion have the help and answers so you can avoid the pitfalls and those same self destructive habits that keep you from having a meaningful relationship. We discuss all this and more. Then finally I share my opinion on what Milwaukee county's Sheriff Clarke says about the new Ferguson riots.
Recorded live on 9/1/15 on the All Radio X network. First up is Danny Cunningham with sports. Topics include NFL's top stories and a preview or the college football season. The featured guest is author and actor from the move Field of Dreams Dwier Brown. We discuss his book If You Build It and the book tour. Dwier shares some great stories along his journey. Including his meetings with HOF baseball players, visits to MLB and minor league parks and stories of the people he met along the way. Then to finish the show I share opinions on: a mom how leaves her baby behind, the "New American Way"and a revisit of the 'Black Lives matter" topic. All this and more.